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Simply Stay Put ™️ Lace Melter

Simply Stay Put ™️ Lace Melter

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TruNu Scalp By Christina Benjamin Lace Melter is a revolutionary hair care product designed to provide a seamless and natural-looking bond between your lace hair system and your scalp. This innovative lace melter offers a range of benefits that enhance the overall appearance and longevity of your hairstyle.

Key Benefits:

  1. Invisible Bond: TruNu Scalp creates an undetectable bond between the lace and your scalp, ensuring a natural and realistic hairline. Say goodbye to visible edges and enjoy a flawless, natural look.

  2. Long-Lasting Hold: The advanced formula of TruNu Scalp ensures a strong and durable bond, allowing you to confidently wear your lace hair system for an extended period. Whether you're going about your daily activities or attending a special event, enjoy a secure and long-lasting hold.                                           


How to Use:

  1. Prepare Your Scalp: Start with a clean, dry scalp. Ensure that your natural hair is neatly braided or secured, and any excess oils or residues are removed.

  2. Apply TruNu Scalp: Using the applicator or a small brush, apply a thin and even layer of TruNu Scalp to the area where the lace will be attached. Be sure to spread the product evenly for a seamless bond.

  3. Position the Lace: Carefully place the lace hair system  onto the treated area, ensuring proper alignment with your natural hairline.

  4. Secure and Press: Gently press down on the lace to secure it in place. Use a clean cloth or cotton ball to press and smooth the lace, ensuring full contact with the TruNu Scalp.

  5. Style as Desired: Once the lace is securely in place, style your hair as desired. TruNu Scalp provides a flexible hold that allows for various styling options.

To remove, use a lace adhesive remover or follow the recommended removal process provided by the manufacturer. TruNu Scalp offers a hassle-free experience, leaving your natural hair and the lace undamaged.

Enhance your lace hair system experience with TruNu Scalp By Christina Benjamin Lace Melter, the ultimate solution for a natural, secure, and comfortable bond between your hair system and scalp.