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14 Business Day Processing Time. It is important to order the correct head circumference.
Introducing Miss Vicky, a soft wave full lace hair system. This hair system is made from 100% Brazilian human hair and covers the entire head. It comes with light customization, meaning we have only pre-cut it for easier styling. The customer is responsible for measurements such as ear-to-ear and adjusting the band in the back of the unit for a proper fit.

Please read before purchasing.

A key selling point of our TruNu Scalp hair systems is their scalp-like appearance. This hair system, with light customizations, allows you to have a full system that covers from the front to the back of the head. It is advised to take it to a professional of your choice or preferably one of our trained stylists for further customization. The system is available in small, medium, and large cap sizes.

Please note, the system is sold as-is. Any further customizations will need to be made by the client.

Customer Responsibilities:

    •    Fit Adjustments: Ensure proper measurements and adjust the band for a secure fit.
    •    Thinning and Recutting: Have the unit further thinned out and recut to your liking. This is a standard cut that will often need more customization.
    •    Professional Customization: For best results, take the unit to a professional stylist for further customization.
    •    Coloring: If coloring the unit, especially if lightening, we advise consulting a licensed professional. Do not lighten beyond a level 7 or 8.
    •    Care and Maintenance: Follow care instructions and use our hair care products, such as the Prep and Polish Bundle, to maintain a polished and lustrous look.


    •    100% Brazilian Human Hair: Premium quality hair for a natural look and feel.
    •    Full Lace Coverage: Covers the entire head for a seamless and natural appearance.
    •    Light Customization: Pre-cut for easier styling, allowing the customer to personalize fit and style.
    •    Natural Wave Texture: Soft wave pattern providing a beautiful and textured look.
    •    Heat Styling: Compatible with heat styling tools for versatile hair styling options.
    •    Scalp-like Appearance: Designed to mimic the natural scalp, offering a realistic look.
    •    Adjustable Fit: Comes with an adjustable band for a secure and proper fit.
    •    Available Sizes: Small, medium, and large cap sizes to accommodate different head sizes.
    •    Bonus Feature: Great for a no-heat style. Encourages the texture when worn in its natural state or can be straightened with hot tools for a different look.

Important: There are no returns or exchanges. This system is sold as-is and comes only with a pre-cut. Most users will need to further customize the unit, such as thinning it out, cutting more hair or length, and adjusting the band in the back for a more customized fit.

This unit is going to retail for


• Standard Colors (Black, Natural, Brown,Hued Burgundy (as seen in picture)): $795
• Highlighted Unit (Brown with Highlights): $895

It will come in a small medium or large

Our small is a circumference of 21
Our medium is a circumference of 22
Our Large is a circumference of 23

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