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TruNu Scalp By Christina Benjamin “Perfect Pixie” Crown Topper

TruNu Scalp By Christina Benjamin “Perfect Pixie” Crown Topper

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Introducing the TruNu Scalp by Christina Benjamin “Perfect Pixie” Crown Topper – Your Solution for Crown Hair Loss!

This 8x10 thin polyurethane crown hair system is designed to provide a remarkably scalp-like appearance, offering flexibility and the ultimate security. It is also available in a Full Lace base Topper. Both options are perfect choices for those experiencing true hair loss or looking to add fullness on the crown of the head.


The polyurethane base is perfect for those with true hair loss on top ONLY, whether due to balding or willing to shave the top. It seamlessly integrates with sides and backs intact. We don’t recommend purchasing the poly base if you have any amount of hair on the crown if you hand. Poly systems are for those that are bald in those areas. If you have thinning and you want to add fullness. Then our Full Lace system is a better fit for you. 

The full lace base is ideal for those seeking breathability, with options for those with thinning or no hair. Your choice depends on your style, comfort, and lifestyle.

We’ve thoughtfully provided a reference picture to guide you on the ideal amount of hair for this piece, but please note that the unit comes as is with no alterations. We strongly discourage bleaching this hair system, as there’s no need to bleach knots on the poly toppers. Color deposit is recommended, depending on the existing color level. Bleaching can harm your unit, so please avoid it. Only our Full Lace toppers can knots can be bleached for a better blend. You also can deposit color depending on the existing color level it comes in a Natural Brown you can tone it to a deeper tone such as natural black, plum or jet black with a semi or Demi permanent color only. We do not recommend using a cream developer no stronger than 20 to 30 volume for your lighten ( hi light) service . 

While this topper comes in its original, uncut state, we’ve thoughtfully included a picture featuring the identical hair system worn by our model, providing you with a glimpse of the potential style. However, the creative possibilities are boundless. You have the freedom to explore numerous ways to style this crown system.

For precise customization and styling, we recommend seeking the expertise of one of our trained professionals or your trusted personal stylist. It’s important to note that customization options are not offered for this unit. What truly sets it apart is the exceptional quality of hair and craftsmanship from our renowned company.


For added convenience, especially with our full lace crown toppers, they can be transformed into a glueless style with clips. While we don’t install clips, we highly recommend seeking the expertise of a professional for this or embarking on a DIY journey if you’re comfortable.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated team is just an email away. Please allow approximately four to six weeks for delivery, as these are special order units customized in our factory. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand by the quality of our products.

In terms of dimensions, this is a four-inch unit in length, best worn with lace adhesive or tape. We advise against going glue-less for our poly toppers unless there’s hair underneath, ensuring proper fitting and adhesion in the crown area.

For any defects or damages to UNWORN, please reach out to us at Please be aware that due to the nature of special orders, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. Unleash your creativity and elevate your style with the TruNu Scalp by Christina “Perfect Pixie” Topper – your path to renewed confidence and beauty.