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Simply Stay Put ™ Adhesive Release


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Simply Stay Put ™ Adhesive Release (New Bigger Size: 60ml) is a solvent produced by D Konstruct By Christina to breakdown most lace adhesives. This solvent is to remove adhesive and wig tapes without damaging skin scalp or the hair. We recommend you Always use a solvent to remove any type of lace adhesive. Failure to due so can result in hair loss, damage to hair follicles or skin irritations and/or skin abrasions. 

PLEASE be sure to do a skin test if you have skin sensitivities to ensure this is the right product for you. These products have been lab tested on normal skin with no reaction. Please keep in mind if you have skin allergies. We highly recommend you performing a skin patch test. It’s very simple, put a dot size amount of Simply Stay Put ™️ Adhesive  Release  behind your ear and watch the area for 24 to 48 hrs to see if you have a reaction before applying to the area where the product will be used.